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ARK Detailing provides various high quality detailing services for most makes and models of cars. The table below shows our high-end service options from a 6-stage maintenance wash, a full internal / external ARK detail service to a fully bespoke service to match your requirements.

All work is agreed up front either prior to the day or on the day. We will provide a paint thickness report if we machine polish your car, we can also provide photos of the detail service if requested.

If you have any questions regards to our services, want to discuss a bespoke service or just want further information please get in touch via the contact us form.

2014 was a big year for us with the move to using ceramic coatings, we have been testing various products on our test cars and our best products on selected customer cars with some amazing protection properties. We have chosen to work close with Gtechniq and have applied the amazing C1, Exo and the ultimate Crystal Serum.


from Mike

Very impressed with the service and end result, it is clear to see that Darren is very knowledgeable and passionate in the art of detailing. I felt very comfortable leaving my car with him and will definitely be using ARK again.


Audi RS4

ARK Detailing - car detailing in Milton Keynes
S e r v i c e s


External Wash
Delicate Maintenance wash and dry
Duration: 1 day
from £50
Bodywork Wax
External deep clean, decontamination, dry and high-end wax applied
Duration: 1 day
from £80
Full External Detail
Enhancement single stage machine polish with an optional coating applied
Duration: 2-3 days
from £225
ARK Detail
Full interior clean, engine clean and exterior clean with multi stage machine polish
Duration: 4-5 days
from £450
(add-on) Paint Report
Paint Thickness Report
Duration: n/a
from £20
(add-on) Wax upgrade
Swissvax or Zymol wax upgrade
Duration: n/a
from £15


Wash Stage
door sills
towel dry
air dry
Engine Bay
rubber seals
tyre dressing
leather clean
leather conditioned
Paint Thickness
Machine Polish
Paint Correction
High Grade Wax
Premium Grade Wax
Ceramic Coating
Services Prices
Small Cars - from:
Medium / Classic / Sports cars - from:
Large / Supercars - from:
External Wash
Bodywork Wax
Full External Detail
ARK Detail
(add-on) Paint Report
(add-on) Wax upgrade



ARK Detailing - car detailing in Milton Keynes
Ceramic Coatings
  We can provide difference options dependant on your requirements and budget. Each coating cost is different and will be dependant on the size of your car, the coating combination (i.e. base coat, top coat or both) and the brand (we can discuss which is the best option for your car).
  The Ceramic Coating service is an addition cost to the detailing service, as an idea for a small car; the service would start at £200 for both base coat and top coat.
  note that we would only apply a ceramic coating to a fully machine polished car.
  See Ceramic Coating section below for more information or please contact us to discuss further.



ARK Detailing - car detailing in Milton Keynes
Service Details - high level overview of each process
Wash The bodywork is covered in a thick foam to remove large particles, this is then washed off ready for the bodywork to be washed with a top grade PH neutral shampoo and plush wash mitt
Arches These are degrease and cleaned
Door sils These are degrease and cleaned
Drying The car is lightly dried with plush fibre towels
Air Dry Grills, gaps, joins, door shuts, sils and other areas are dried with high pressured filtered air to remove any left over water
Wash The glass is covered in a thick foam to remove large particles, this is then washed off ready for the glass to be washed with a top grade PH neutral shampoo and plush wash mitt
Clean The Glass is cleaned with a dedicated cleaner
Polished External Glass has a more deeper clean, Rain-X is applied to the windscreen
Engine Bay
Clean The underside of the bonnet, seals and inside panels are cleaned. All delicate engine areas are covered whilst the engine and components are degrease and cleaned.
Protect The engine, components and rubber hoses are protected with a water based sealant
Clay The bodywork is cleaned using clay to remove fine particles from the paint leaving the bodywork smooth, the car is then cleansed prior to waxing or machine work
Iron Remover Iron cleaner is applied to parts of the bodywork were needed (this could be the complete car)
Tar Remover Tar remover is used to safely remove tar on the bodywork and wheels
Rubber Seals Rubber seals are treated with a dedicated oil to soften and protect the rubber seals drying out and cracking
Wash The Wheels and brake calipers are washed with dedicated wheel cleaners
Protection A protection sealant is applied
Tyres The tyres are degrease and cleaned, a dressing is later applied
Wash The material roof skin is washed delicately with PH neutral shampoo and then pat dried. Any green algae is treated and washed off
Protection A dedicated soft-top protection coating is applied
Clean The interior is wiped down and hoovered
Wash Door cards and trim are all washed with delicate cleaners, cloth seats and carpets are deep cleaned with wet&dry machine
Leather Clean leather seats and leather trim are washed and cleaned with delicate cleaners
Leather Conditioned A dedicated leather protective sealant or conditioner is applied to the leather seats and leather trim
Paint Thickness The bodywork paint thickness is measured using a PosiTest testing equipment which has accuracy ±2um (±0.002mm)
An overview of condition is discussed at collection and we will provide a chart report with readings after service

If you just want your paintwork measured please use the contact us form for a quote and free slot
Machine Polish
This is a single stage machine polish to enhance the look of the car and return to lust of the paintwork. Each panel paint thickness is measured and high quality compounds (we mix) are used to get the best results and remove as many swirls and minor scratches safely so not to compromise the paint thickness. Thin paint detected from the measurement process is polished by non-cutting pads or by hand
Correction This process is the same as machine polishing process but has a further 2-3 stages to remove almost all swirls and marks and prodive a high clarity finish to the paintwork

This process can take minimum of another 1-2 days and is designed for weekend cars, show cars or cars that will be washed and maintained very carefully (we do not recommend this service for daily driven cars that will be washed without care)
If you have a Wax or sealant you would prefer to be used and can provide, we will be more than happy to work with you and discuss best results and options
Wax We only use products we would use on our cars and this is especially important when it comes to Waxes, Our standard wax is a high grade Raceglaze with 55% pure white carnauba (by volume) and has a great protective properties and gloss
Matt Wax We use Swissvax Wax for Matt cars which has no gloss properties and is designed to provide great protection to your paintwork
Premium Wax These wax options I still use on my car for special events to give that extra gloss.
Raceglaze - Black Label (signature wax) we have tried and test and been using since 2013, result give a high gloss finish and higher protection properties against the already great standard wax. Black Label contains 66% white carnauba (by volume)
Swissvax - old time fav in the detailing world is Best of Show which we have been using before ARK Detailing started and gives one of the best gloss finishes. Best of Show contains 50% yellow Carnauba (by volume)
Zymol - Concours is one of our favourites with pure natural ingredients giving a great finish with amazing protection durability for the paint work. Concours was produced for the founder of Zymol and has a 47% white carnauba and 10% yellow carnauba (by volume)
Sealant We tried and tested Wolf Chemicals Hardbody sealant as a protection during the winter periods
Ceramic Coating We have been testing and using ceramic coating products since 2012. We have applied and tested various ceramic coating products, this has given us a good understand of options to meet your requirements and budget.

Gtechniq - We have been testing and using Gtechniq ceramic coating products since 2012. We have applied and tested C1, Exo, CSL and the very impressive Crystal Serum (pro version), each level of Gtechniq ceramic coatings provide some of the best protection available on the market to professional detailers.
Crystal Serum Light forms strong chemical bonds with paintwork to provide significant resistance to wash-induced swirls. It also provides an impressive resilience to extremes of pH, such as those found in some car wash products, traffic film removers, industrial fallout and environmental factors. Crystal Serum Light provides exceptional levels of gloss, but for added reflectivity and unbeatable water-beading, finish with a layer of Gtechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating.
CSL Base Ceramic Coating
Lasts 36-60 months
Chemical tolerance 2pH-12pH
Hardness 9H
Exo Top Hydrophobic Coating
Lasts 18-24 months
Chemical tolerance 3pH-13pH

Gyeon - We have tested Gyeon Bead and Mohs with great results, we've been using Gyeon products for customers since 2018.
Gyeon Q² Mohs is a unique double-stage coating system that provides both extreme scratch resistance and self-cleaning properties. A pure silazane base coat, it is the hardest automotive coating ever developed. Q² Base is a technological breakthrough and requires only one layer. The topcoat prevents watermarks and stains, and prolongs the total durability of the Q² Base coating.
Q² Mohs Base Ceramic Coating
Lasts 12-24 months
Chemical tolerance 2pH-11pH
Hardness 3-4H
Q² Skin Top Hydrophobic Coating
Lasts 12-24 months
Contact angle 120 degrees
Chemical tolerance 2pH-11pH
Hardness 3-4H

Kamikaze Collection - In the Japanese language, the word "Miyabe" represents an aesthetic ideal of elegance and refinement, and this ceramic coating certainly provides that!
Miyabi Coat contains smaller molecules than the average glass coat sealant, making it is less prone to water spotting. The high silica dioxide content provides durable protection and an amazingly clear, brilliant shine to any colour paintwork. ISM Coat blends optically clear hydrocarbons with ceramic components to provide a clear, candy-gloss shine to automotive paintwork. Unlike many ceramic coatings.
Miyabi Base Ceramic Coating
Lasts 18-24 months
Chemical tolerance 2pH-11pH
Hardness 8-9H
ISM Coating Top Hydrophobic Coating
Lasts 24-36 months
Contact angle 105 degrees
Chemical tolerance 2pH-11pH
Hardness 3-4H






ARK Detailing - car detailing in Milton Keynes
Detailing, what is it.?
Why should I get my car detailed.?
What is the difference between a valet and detail.?

These are the common questioned asked

"Car detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail. It is also performed to prepare a car for car shows that feature the appearance of cars. Besides improving the appearance of cars, detailing helps to preserve the car, and thus, increases resale value." comments from wiki

Various professional valeters will make your car look great, where a detailer will take it that step further. One of the main differences is in the finish, the swirl marks (picture on the right) would have been reduced by a detail machine polish / correction service. Next time you are at a petrol garage at night look at your cars paint work under the lights, you're more likely see minor or major swirl marks.

Valeters are cheaper because they aim to do a number of cars in a days work. We can also provide wash services and every care is taken not to add additional marks but this is not guaranteed, we recommend that this is only done after a full detail, to prevent the creation of swirl marks.

This red test panel on the left and the picture above shows the left side no treatment, the right side is after a machine polish which here has removed most of the swirl marks.



ARK Detailing - car detailing in Milton Keynes
F A Q 's
Just some general Questions & Answers we've had
Q) Where are you based...?
A) We're based in Milton Keynes around Westcroft area
Q) I would like my pride and joy detailed, will you take care of my car...?
A) quick answer Yes, Every car is treated as if it was our own pride and joy and is detailed as so. If you have any questions or concerns then please get in touch to discuss and meet if needed.
Q) Why use ARK Detailing...?
A) Simply put, I enjoy providing high quality results and like to see a change from start to finish
Q) I'm concerned about leaving my car with you...?
A) We understand and leaving your pride and joy with someone is a concern, please get in touch and I will be more than happy to arrange a visit and we can talk cars.
Q) What dose ARK stand for...?
A) At the time I was detailing family and friends cars just to raise money for charity and my misses suggested
ARK - Act of Random Kindness
Q) Can I wait as you detail the car...?
A) Yes but we do not have a waiting room and remember a full detail takes about 10+ hours, you may also get wet.
Q) What products do you use...?
A) We use only top brand professional products used by most top end detailers (not available in your local store) and all our products are tested on our cars and only used on customer cars once we are happy with the quality
Q) Do you use a sponge...?
A) Sounds a silly question but no, we also do not use chamois, we use deep pile wool or cotton mitts and micro cloths. These are brand new or cleaned prior to getting near a customers car.
Q) Why the expensive waxes...?
A) I have tested various waxes on our cars and found our standard wax being one of the best with out spending too much, our premium waxes just take the results to that next level of a richer finish. I am not in this to just give a standard service, it needs to be high end.
Q) Are you a business...?
A) Yes we are a business and have been running since 2008, we are always looking at ways to grow keeping in mind the reason we started doing this - raise funds for charities
Q) Who is involved in detailing my car...?
A) Only myself will detail your car
Q) How much notice do you require to cancel a detail of my car...?
A) I do understand important things do pop up but would ask for 48 hours notice. We can then look to reschedule your service at a more convenient time
Q) Why no contact number...?
A) We had a contact number but was costing overheads, we will be looking at this again but for the moment we do not have one
Q) Is ARK Detailing insured...?
A) Not at the moment, we however think this is important and will look into this as the business grows.
Q) Do you provide a mobile service...?
A) Currently not, as mobile services cost more to run, therefore raising the service costs. if you can't get your car to me and need a mobile service please still contact us and we will see what we can do.
if you have any other question then please contact us and we are always happy to assist.


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