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Hello and welcome to ARK Detailing's portfolio which shows some of our customers great cars. We like to show the cars end results in natural light as much as possible, just as you would see them each day and not under artificial lighting.
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2020 - I enjoy seeing great turn arounds and this was no exception. Car was booked in for a 4 day tidyup, spent additional day to get the car to a level we were happy to give back to the customer. 2020 - Very nice blue model3 was in for a Gtechniq CSL and Exo coating. Was a little odd with no engine sound but I was very impress with how easy the car is to move at very slow speeds.
2020 - The complete passenger side had scratches from driving very close to bushes of some sort by the previous owner. We spent a few solid days and removed most scratches, it was great to see the transformation. 2020 - A very nice spec Audi in for a full treat of Gtechniq coatings inside and out. This was a 5 days service and great to work on a returning customers car.
2020 - Its was great working on the XJ-R even when I under estimated the size... The car looked good but closer inspection, it deserved our Detailing service. We spent 5 solid days of which about 25hr was polishing and 3+ hours on the interior 2020 - I think its one of the best colours I've had in so far. The paint was obviously good as the 570S was still young. I removed most swirls and minor marks but still looking to keep the thickness of the paint. We applied Gtechniq Crystal Serum and Exo Hydrophobic coatings
2020 - It was great and a challenge to work on the MGB. The MGB was covered in swirls and being a classic it had paint history. Due to single stage paint, polishing needed to be handled differently. We removed 80+ percent of swirls and marks 2020 - The MGF was already clean without all the major swirls, we spent 4 days of which 2 full days were machine polishing to bring it back to a great finish. Working on a bright colour made a good change.
2020 - nice colour which hides marks very well. do like the interior of this updated Golf. The VW was in for a bodywax service 2020 - what a car, right seats, right engine which sounds fantastic and its a manual. Audi got it right with the these R8. The car was covered in swirls and removed about 75 percent
2020 - We had a nice Yaris in for a bodywax service, this car had a great spec. 2019 - a very good condition Clio Sport 172 which I enjoyed working on for about 20hours and had applied our premium black label wax.
2019 - the look of this R8 is great from all angles and the sound from the V10 is engine music. 2019 - very nice cayman in for a GTechniq treat
2019 - this was our biggest request from a customer and enjoyable turnaround over a month with leather retrim, fix electric issue, touch-ups and GTechniq treatment 2017 - The awesome S was in for a treat, full exterior detail and interior wash. the car is a very good example and overall in great condition, oh and it sounds great. enjoyed doing this one with some good results.
2017 - An very nice sleeper car was booked in by existing customer and enjoyed doing this one, as you would expect direct from Audi the paint was in good condition. As its brand new car we suggested not to apply nano products at this time so the S3 was in for a treat of Black Label. 2016 - very nice A3 in for a wax protection and discussed ways and methods to keep her looking great
2016 - wow what a beautiful car, almost ever angle was an impressive design. the car was here for a tidy up and wax. was great car to work on even with the odd rain shower. 2016 - one of our customers treated his family to a fully loaded X5. We stopped doing large cars but as a favour, we treated Tim's X5 to Raceglaze top end wax - Black label.
2016 - The Leon was in for a bodywork services, overall its in great condition. being up close it has some nice touches and think Seat did a good job on the FR 2015 - our customer had this awesome 4200 in to have the bonnet cleaned up after a build wiped dust of the car with a dirty cloth
2014 - The RS4 - some 24hrs detailing with Gtechniq Exo v2 coating applied 2014 - Marks very nice colour STi was in for a bespoke service and apply of Opti Coat 2.0.
2014 - very nice limited edition 147 in for a bodywax with a great turn around, even the weather help on the 1st wash. 2014 - the car was in for a wax and on closer inspection the car was covered in white paint specs. this wasn't on the booking but I tried to remove as much as I safley could, it took a lot of soaking and lite claying to remove the white paint
2014 - This special Alfa Italia has been finished in Matt paint and we have been offered this car for testing bodywork protection, we research with our supplier and decided to start with Swissvax special products. 2014 - Richard dropped of his surprisingly impressive Xedos 9. the car looked very clean already, but we had it in for Bodywork Wax and engine clean
2014 - this great deep blue colour on this fully loaded 911 just needed to be seen again, we spent a long time getting the right finish. This was a great turn around and enjoyed working on this awesome 911 2014 - Tim dropped of his brand new Juke to get a high quality wax applied to set the ground work for him to take care of the bodywork. We had a nice long talk after on how Tim can keep the Juke look good
2014 - Pete booked in his fully loaded A4, nice car but up close the panels needed some tidy up. 2013 - Mark booked in the special M3 for a tidyup from when we did this back in 2011, overall the bodywork has been kept in good condition.
2013 - Detailing Birthday gift for Chris for his impressive Megane Trophy Sport. Overall the car bodywork was is good condition and just needed decontamination and fine machine polish to get the deserved reflection back 2013 - we did this car a year or so and was back for a tidyup, we machine polished the bonnet to get the results we needed for Kazim
2013 - Gary treated his misses car to a detail services, the car has only been in the family for a short period and could tell this had been cleaned by the dealers. Betty the cars name was in for a big 13hr treat :) 2013 - The car was in for Bodywax, this was the 1st 1series coupe I have seen, do like it.
2013 - Wills awesome S4 we did awhile back, he has now upgraded to the 4S, very tidy example in for external detail 2013 - the 4.5 v8 was in for a 2 day 15+ hour detail from front to back, its a hard colour to show reflection so hopefully you will see what we managed as an end result
2012 - A nice blue M3 was in for a wax, and changed to a exterior detail taking 14hrs, on day 2 due to weather we could not get any normal pictures, the car stayed inside 2012 - a red car :) the car had been valeted previously on the interior and engine bay, which was well done.
2012 - this was a delicate machine polish due to the thin paint with one panel being done by hand. 16 hours detailing this was a great turn around 2012 - this was a very hot day so did not have much time to take pictures, we needed to wash and dry the car as quick as poss
2012 - Another detail with little help from the rain, Roger contacted us mainly for the interior but also wanted the engine bay and body work to have a tidy up 2012 - New car prep - as this was only month old and already had swirls we decided to look at this later, for now we removed the prep work from the dealer and appied fresh layers of Zymol wax.
2012 - turn around on this 320D was very good, car was booked in for 1 day but after 10hrs I finished off on the second day to get the results 2012 - The car was in to tidy up the various swirls and deep scratches. We spent over 17 hours, 14 hours was machine polishing. shame daylight was fading, was hoping to get some good pictures
2011 - Mark had a new engine installed and hadnt been cleaned after so main task on this nice blue M3 was to clean the engine bay and apply protection to the body work 2011 - When the car arrived on a sunny morning you could see this was going to be a good turn around, so have shown more of the end results
2011 - 3 day detail taking 20+ hours. 2 stage maching polish with some panels needed sanding and a lot of leather to clean 2011 - Mark dropped the car off around 8am, early start on this one and going to be a long one with all the scratches
2011 - After some discussion on the changing weather, the car arrived and you could see that this was going to be a great turn around. in between the rain and sun 2011 - C2 Ministry of Sound - bodywork looked ok from distance but close up and in direct sun it was not showing much reflection
2011 - Quinten booked the car in for 2 days to bring back the shine in the bodywork. 2 solid days on this awsome M5 with 2 stage maching polish, 2011 - BMW X5 - 16+ hours over 2 days mainly due to rain - recommend not cleaning cars in the rain but Ed wanted this done as soon as poss.
2011 - Congratulations to Catherine on winning this service and lucky me its a Mini. The service took about 11+ hours and managed to miss the rain. 2010 - This was a great turn around with the interior being the biggest change for me. After about 13hrs, I was pleased with the results, it was dark outside to take any final pictures.
2010 - When the awesome tuned v8 arrived it looked good but close inspection showed it had been to the quick car wash places. 2010 - Marcus was making progress getting the swirls out but it was just taking alot of time. we had the car for a complete detail taking 15 hours
2009 - Jo's 03 fiesta showed minor swirl marks, after hours of machine polishing most of these had been removed, the transformation turned out really well. 2009 - Helen's deep blue convertable astra shows a great reflection.
2008 - Jim's Rover 400 was having a external clean when it started to rain during the drying stage. 2008 - Ian's 05 limitied edition MX-5, good to hear it's never been to a car wash, still the bodywork showed minor swirl marks, most of these had been removed
2008 - Gary's dull red paint work just wouldn't stay red after a wash, so the challenge was to get it looking red again. 2008 - The awesome Audi S4 B5 being a test car plus my camera skills need improvement.



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