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We provide high quality Professional Car Detailing Services for most ranges of cars from small town cars to the exclusive super cars and services from a 6-stage maintenance wash to a full bespoke detail, enhancing the look and protection for your car using only high end products.

All work and requirements are discussed in detail and agreed up front. We will provide update progress and if the car is in for a machine polish service, we will provide a paint thickness report and can provide photos of the detail service if requested.

ARK Detailing is based in Milton Keynes and has been running since late 2008.

About Us

Like most I was washing my car using a bucket and sponge, this was not getting the results I wanted. I began studying car detailing, as my experience grew, I started using more expensive, higher quality products to get the results I wanted. I still wanted better results and arranged training by some of the UK's top experts on car detailing, including Swissol (now called Swissvax) This soon expanded to cleaning and detailing family and friends cars to raise funds for Cancer Research charity, some suggested I started a detailing venture - In 2008 ARK Detailing was born...

In 2012 I went to Gtechniq head office and discussed in detail (with the company owner) about ceramic coatings (Crystal Serum) and their vast scope of great products. After some great results from testing, I have since been using various Gtechniq products when detailing cars

2014 I started using the Rupes polishing system to provide better finishing to the different areas on the bodywork. In 2020 I got the Rupes UK certification


Maserati Gransport

ARK Detailing - car detailing in Milton Keynes
Charity Funds raised £11,044.45 - Thank you so much for your support
General We had chosen Cancer Research UK as our charity, in memory of family and friends lost to this terrible disease, and it's partly the reason behind our name. we have donated over £9,000
For further information please visit the Cancer Research UK website.
  • June 2011 RaceForLife - just a note to say a big WELL DONE to all the great ladies and girls who did the 5k or 10k on Saturday
  • Feb 2011 Wear-It-Pink prize winner - we completed the External Detailing service for Catherine's Mini Cooper taking over 11 hours, see portfolio for details
  • Jan 2011 We are always looking at ways to improve the service we provide and we now have a new warm air hi-speed non touch dryer to reduce marks that could be caused by drying, in addition we have new products currently being tested on my car from Swissvax and Meguiars
  • Oct 2010 We donated a service in aid of Wear-It-Pink day and raised £140. Big thanks to all who purchased a ticket. Congratulations to Catherine who won the prize - External Detail service worth over £100. watch this space for an update - what car will it be..?

  • April 2020 Our new redesigned website launched to provide a better tablet experience and show more information per page
  • Jan 2020 We got certified by Rupes who provide our various machine polishing tools. This provided us with the confirmation that our processes were excellent and also provided us with addition technique to get greater results when working with thin bodywork paint
  • Aug 2019 We prep and coated a car using Gyeon Mohs and Bead, we had some initial great feedback and waiting to here more.
  • June 2019 We worked with a well respected leather company to re-trimming a Maserati 3200 with fantastic results. We also have a very knowledgeable car electrician who helps us with issues and fixed the Maserati 3200 within an hour.
  • Jan 2017 if you would like training or further information on detailing please get in contact, we can help with training from safe washing to machine polishing with a DA or rotary to waxing and ceramic coatings
  • Apr 2016 in the last few years the market in ceramic coatings has increase with more options available, we have are looking forward to working more closely with our suppliers to provide customers with the best results
  • Mar 2016 This year we are looking to bring a detailing training service for the customer and their car, details to follow or please get in contact and we can email you details when the service is available
  • Mar 2016 2016 bring the start of a new year and new season, we looking forward to working with existing and new customers and of course the awesome cars
  • Jan 2015 We now work close with Gtechniq and provide their amazing protection coatings as options, please contact us for further details
  • May 2014 We can provide protection to matt finish bodywork using premium Swissvax products
  • Aug 2013 Happy Birthday Chrissy have a great day and we look forward to detailing your pride and joy
  • Feb 2013 over the last year the new wax (Black Label) has performed great and we are very pleased to providing this as an upgraded wax option, we also still have our favourite Swissvax and Zymol waxes
  • Feb 2012 We have a replacement high grade wax due into our stock soon, we will be looking forward to testing this new wax and will soon be an upgrade option


Clio Sport

ARK Detailing - car detailing in Milton Keynes
We are looking to improve services even more this year and want to get back involved with charity organisations, which was main reason we started ARK Detailing. We have worked very close with Cancer Research UK from the start and with the help of our customers and other tasks we have carried out, together we raised a fantastic amount of over £10,000 for Cancer Research - who wish to pass on a massive thank you to to us all.
  We look forward to hearing from you and talking about your car